Skinoren (pharmacologically active substance - azelaic acid) is a treatment for acne and hyperpigmentation.

Acne vulgaris or acne vulgaris develops in 80-90% of adolescents during puberty. As they grow older, the severity of this dermatological disease disappears, but in some cases (for example, with endocrine disorders), acne persists after 30–40 years.

On the background of the use of the drug, there is a significant decrease in the density of colonies of propionibacteria acne, as well as a significant decrease in the concentration of free fatty acids in the lipids on the surface of the skin (due to this, the oily skin decreases).

Clinico-pharmacological group

A drug with antiproliferative and antibacterial action for the treatment of acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

Terms of sale from pharmacies

Can be bought without a doctor's prescription.


How much does Skinoren cost in pharmacies? The average price in 2018 is at the level of 750 rubles per gel, and 1,200 rubles per cream.

Composition and release form

Skinoren is available in the form of a gel and cream for outdoor use.

  1. Skinoren gel composition: micronized azelaic acid at a concentration of 150 mg / g, polysorbate 80, polyacrylic acid, propylene glycol, lecithin, sodium hydroxide, triglycerides, benzoic acid, disodium edetate, purified water.
  2. The composition of Skinoren, produced in the form of ointment, azelaic acid is included in the concentration of 200 mg / g. The following components are used: benzoic acid, macrogol glyceryl stearate, a mixture of cetostearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, coconut oil fatty acids glycerides and cetyl palmita, cetostearyl ethyl capronate, glycerol 85%, propylene glycol, purified water.

The cream is a matte homogeneous mass of white. Form release - tubes 30 grams.

The gel has the appearance of a white or slightly yellowish opaque substance. Available in tubes of 5, 15, 30 and 50 grams.

What is better, skinoren cream or gel?

After studying the instructions for both means, you can find that the cream and gel have minor differences in the composition: for example, the concentration of the active substance in the gel is 15%, and in the cream - 20. This is due to the fact that the gel has a polymer base, which excludes the fat content and alcohol and thanks to which azelaic acid penetrates the skin more quickly and easily, providing faster relief from acne. Thus, the gel does not need an additional 5% of the active substance.

Approximately 70% of the gel consists of water, the concentration of fat in it is 3%. As for the cream, then it contains water 50% of the volume, and fats - 15%.

Ointment (both cream and gel) should be applied to the skin twice a day. In this case, the gel is the optimal form for people with skin prone to fat, the cream is also recommended for dry, normal or sensitive skin.

By complexly affecting the negative factors that provoke the appearance of acne and rosacea, the gel / cream does not dry out the skin and is not addictive.

Pharmachologic effect

The therapeutic effect of Skinoren is provided by the properties of its main component - azelaic acid. The substance is a carboxylic acid derivative, is considered the most gentle to the skin. Gently helps to cleanse the sebaceous glands, which eliminates the cause of acne and blackheads, counteracts the appearance of comedones.

After application to the skin, the acid restores the damaged keratinization of the follicle, reduces the concentration of fatty acids in the cells, and reduces the fat content in the skin. In addition, the drug component suppresses the activity of acne pathogens: staphylococci and anaerobic immobile bacteria, propionibacteria, acne.

Acid relieves inflammation, reducing the formation of neutrophils and free radicals. The substance also inhibits the growth and activity of abnormal melanocytes, which provoke malignant neoplasms. After application to the surface of the dermis, the acid hardly penetrates the circulatory system. Some of the digested matter is excreted in the urine unchanged, the rest is in the form of dicarboxylic acids formed during the oxidation process.

Azelaic acid is well tolerated by the body, but the main thing is not addictive, so the drug is well suited for a long course of treatment. Skinoren cream can be used in monotherapy or in combination with other medications, since it practically does not react. In addition, the active substance has a keratolytic effect: it activates the exfoliation of damaged cells of the epidermis. As a result, the process of renewal and restoration of skin cells is accelerated. At the same time, the drug discolors post-acne.

Indications for use

Skinoren gel is intended for the treatment of papulopustulyarny forms of acne on the face of mild and / or moderate severity, as well as for the treatment of papulopuscular form of rosacea.

Indications for the use of the cream are acne (ordinary acne) and melasma.


The minimum number of contraindications allows the widest possible use of this drug for problems with the skin of any type.

  • age up to 12 years;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of skinaren.

Appointment during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and during the feeding period, the gel is used with caution, after consulting a doctor. Studies have shown the absence of teratogenic properties of azelaic acid. The amount of active ingredient in mother's milk was found to be minimal.

Its effect on the child’s body is not dangerous, since the drug’s toxicity is low.

Dosage and method of use

As indicated in the instructions for use, the dosage regimen and the duration of treatment with Skinoren are set individually. It is prescribed for adults and children over 12 years old.

Before use, the skin should be cleaned with water or a mild cleansing cosmetic, then dried.

The cream or gel is applied to the affected skin evenly in a thin layer 2 times / day (morning and evening) and lightly rubbed. The drug should be used in sufficient quantities, but not excessively (approximately 2.5 cm is enough for the entire surface of the face). The drug should be used regularly throughout the course of treatment, the duration of which depends on the clinical picture of the disease and the severity of symptoms. In acne (acne vulgaris), improvement is usually observed after 4 weeks. For best results, use of the drug should be continued for several months. Additional protection of the skin from UV radiation during the treatment of acne is not required.

When melasma drug is used in the form of a cream. The minimum duration of therapy is 3 months, for best results, you should use Skinoren cream regularly. During the entire period of melasma therapy, sunscreens (UVB and UVA) must be used to prevent exacerbation of the disease and / or re-pigmentation of the clarified areas caused by sun exposure.

Side effect

With a tendency to allergic manifestations or excessive sensitivity of the skin, the following negative manifestations may occur on the treated surface:

  • peeling of the skin;
  • itching and burning;
  • urticaria symptoms;
  • redness;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • swelling of the epidermis;
  • exacerbation of skin eczema.

Rarely, an exacerbation of an already existing disease such as bronchial asthma may occur.


No overdose was detected with topical use. Such cases are not known to medicine. But experts recommend not to abuse the drug, not exceeding the dosage.

If the drug accidentally got inside, then it is necessary to take any enterosorbent, before this causing vomiting.

Special instructions

Additional protection of the skin from UV radiation during treatment with Skinoren is not required.

Avoid contact with the eyes and wound surfaces; In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with water.

In cases of skin irritation, reduce the amount of a single application of the gel or cream or reduce the frequency of use of the drug to 1 time / day; if necessary, a short-term withdrawal of the drug (for several days).

Epidermal and mixed epidermal-dermal types of melasma respond well to therapy with Skinoren cream. When dermal melasma Skinoren cream is not effective. For differential diagnosis recommend the use of a lamp Wood.

Interaction with other drugs

The interaction of the drug Skinoren with other drugs to date has not been identified.


We offer you to read the reviews of people who used the drug Skinoren:

  1. Olya I like skinoren. Firstly, it absorbs no trace (unlike azelica, by the way), and secondly, it removes pimples quickly. In just two weeks, my face cleared, even though for the first few days I additionally used metrogil. Then he was no longer needed. The only thing that should be fully treated for 3 months, but I know for myself that patience is not enough. It seems the skin has cleared - and that's enough.
  2. Michael. In transitional age, I suffered from severe acne. Simple cleansing and diet did not help, so I had to turn to a specialist. The cosmetologist advised Skinoren, which at that time seemed very expensive to me. I had to buy an analogue at a better price. He did not help me, only aggravated the condition, so I regretted that I did not obey.
  3. Sergei. A good remedy for acne. I have been using it for about 4 months. When applying there is no allergy (burning). The tool is white, well rubbed into the skin. Prior to that, he used analogs, but switched to skinoren, I do not regret.


Structural analogues of the active substance:

  • Azelaic acid;
  • Azelik.

Similar drugs:

  • Baziron AU gel and cream;
  • Dalatsin gel;
  • Differin cream;
  • Zener solution;
  • Klenzit-C gel;
  • Klinds cream;
  • Resorcinol solution;
  • Retasol solution;
  • Retinoic ointment;
  • Zinovit gel;
  • Eclaran 5 and Eclaran 10 gel;
  • Effezel gel.
  • Quasi

Before buying an analogue, consult your doctor.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The cream is permissible to store at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees, to avoid heating and direct sunlight on the tube. The shelf life of the drug in this form of release is 3 years from the date of production date indicated on the package.

The gel must be stored at a temperature not higher than 20 degrees in the reach of children. The shelf life of the drug from the date of manufacture is 2 years, at the expiration of this period, the gel must be discarded.

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