Rheumatism of the joints - signs, causes and treatment

With rheumatism of the joints, people met in ancient times, but its true nature and clinic became clear to physicians not so long ago. For quite a long time, official medicine considered rheumatism a joint disease, giving heart complications. After studies conducted in 1836, there was incontrovertible evidence that rheumatism, in addition to joints, mercilessly affects the heart and pericardium (heart bag).

Hemorrhagic vasculitis - causes, symptoms and treatment

Hemorrhagic vasculitis is considered a disease that is a type of immune vasculitis of small vessels and is characterized by an increased formation of immune complexes, an increase in the permeability of the vascular walls. This pathology can develop in 2-3 weeks after acute tonsillitis, flu or scarlet fever.

Gout - Symptoms and Home Treatment

Gout is a rheumatic pathology caused by the formation of uric acid salts in the joints. The symptoms and treatment of this disease are described in great detail in our material. The disease is one of the most common types of arthritis and occurs more often in middle-aged men. What is this disease?

Vasculitis - what is this disease? Symptoms, causes and treatment

Vasculitis is an autoimmune inflammation of the vascular wall. In this syndrome, any vessels of different caliber can be affected: arterioles, veins, arteries, venules, capillaries. In the course of its development, pathology leads to complications on the part of various organs, which is due to the disruption of the normal blood flow to these parts of the body.